About Our Company


With an excellent track record at creating PR programmes that make noise in all the right places for ambitious clients, we know exactly how it works, who you need to reach, and how to get the right message across.

  • Collaborative working We think the best way to get to know your business is by immersing ourselves in it. That's why we'll spend time working from your office advising your senior staff and generating new PR ideas with you.
  • No pitch and switch We don't bring in the big guns to win your business, and then leave your account to be run by the office junior. ARSH PR's team comprises senior PR practitioners so you team will always be run with high-level involvement.
  • Try before you buy You wouldn't buy a car without a test drive, or a pair of shoes without trying them on. We don't want you to commit to a contract before you're confident in what we can deliver, so we offer the first three months' PR on a project fee, completely free of any contract or notice periods.
  • Relationships that last Clients like working with us and that's reflected in our client retention figures.
  • Well connected With many years in the business we have an enviable 'black book' of the key editors, journalists and bloggers across many industries. These are people you should know and we can connect you with them.

Before we start working with you, we always take the time to understand what you are looking for. That's why our 'About Us' really should be titled 'About You'.


  • What are your business goals and how would you like public relations to support them?
  • Who do you need to inform, influence or persuade?
  • Which publications and broadcast media would you like to feature in or on?
  • How can we support your other marketing activities to multiply the effect of your public relations investment?
  • What makes you stand out from your competitors and how can we make the most of this?

So, why take the time to consider us?

Well, all technology public relations agencies are good at making promises – but it's delivering that matters. We help brands and organizations to solve the challenge of how to connect with their audiences. We do this by developing creative strategies that deliver a powerful combination of earned media coverage, social media engagement and real-world connections.

Work with ARSH PR and you'll get honest, focused PR with plenty of fresh ideas.

ARSH PR - Soul Of Relations

Arsh PR is a full service boutique consultancy addressing the PR needs of today's organizations. Arsh PR clients can expect the delivery of effective communication strategies, facilitating organizations to reach its key stakeholders including business clients and partners, consumers, media, shareholders and employees.

Arsh PR has embraced a set of core values which form the foundation of the company:

  • Professional Understanding a client's business and delivering sound advice based on knowledge, analysis and research.
  • Quality Delivering a premium service, fulfilling requirements and managing expectations, regardless of a client's budget.
  • Ethical Conducting business fairly, with dignity and respect
  • Integrity Working toward mutual goals, meeting commitments and directly addressing issues demonstrating openness and honesty.
  • c Performance Creating and implementing successful campaigns for a client that are of high standard and achieve results.

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